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Welcome to Montreal Restaurants

A comprehensive list and directory of restaurants in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal restaurants are some of Canada's best restaurants and feature world renown chefs. There are many fine Montreal restaurants, bars and lounges and fine dining options with all the flavors of the world. Some of these cuisine options include; Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian, Mexican, Korean and of course French Canadian specialties. With any budget you are sure to find a suitable dining experience that will be sure to delight your palette.

A great location for restaurant dining is Old Montréal which contains the majority of historical buildings, most dating from the 17th - 19th century. You will also want to visit Le Plateau which combines scenic residential streets with hip shopping and dining. There are of course many great areas to experience wonderful dining so be adventurous and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Restaurant Phone Cuisine Specialty
‎Restaurant Maison Shing Do 514-855-1388 Chinese Traditional Chinese Menu
‎Restaurant L'Autre Saison 514-845-0058 French Lamb, Chicken, Steak, Veal
‎Choix foods 514-385-9090 Food Distribution Canned Foods, Dried Fruit, Spices, Nuts
‎Restaurant Le Bordelais 514-337-3540 Steakhouse Steaks, Seafood
‎Marven's Restaurant 514-277-3625 Greek Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Seafood, Souvlaki, Shish Kebab
‎Tri Express 514-528-5641 Japanese Maki, Sashimi,Sushi
‎Joe Beef 514-935-6504 Steakhouse Steaks, Seafood
‎Restaurant Globe (514) 284-3823 Mediterranean Seafood, Lamb, Veal, Fish
‎Milos 514-272-3522 Greek Red Mullet, Octopus, Fresh Sardines, Calamari
‎Souvenirs d'Indochine 514-848-0336 Vietnamese Fish, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp
‎Café Vasco Da Gama 514-272-2688 Italian Breakfasts, Paninis, Tapas, Sandwiches
‎Restaurant La Selva 514-525-1798 South & Central America Fish, Beef
‎Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain 514-878-9000 Mediterranean Salmon, Rack of Lamb, Tuna, Filet Mignon
‎Harvey's Restaurants 514-729-2525 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries
‎Restaurant Chez Queux 514-866-5194 French Chicken, Bison, Veal, Fish
‎Traiteur Bon Appétit Inc 514-389-4345 Italian Pasta, Veal, Seafood
‎Au Coq Roulant Inc 514-321-1790 Burger & Grill Chicken, Ribs
‎Pizza Mix 514-389-1389 Italian Pizza, Pasta
‎Bazou 514-526-4940 French Steak
‎Restaurant Galianos 514-861-5039 Italian Veal, Seafood, Pasta, Pizza, Fish, Beef
‎Keung Kee 514-393-1668 Chinese Beef, Duck, Chicken
‎La Maistre 514-481-2109 French Duck, Pork, Veal
‎Sushi and Soba 514-482-6883 Japanese Sushi, Sashimi
‎Restaurants mcdonald's 514-278-1088 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Breakfasts
‎Guang Zhou 514-397-9410 Chinese Seafood, Crispy Noodles
‎Fireside 514-737-5576 Polish/Russian Steak, Ribs, Chicken
‎Katsura 514-849-1172 Japanese Lobster, Salads, Sushi, Steak
‎Thai Express Thai Chicken, Fried Rice, Rice Noodles
‎Khaima 514-948-9993 Middle Eastern Fish, Chicken, Lamb
‎Restaurant Le Petit Québec 514-729-0123
‎Ichi Sushi Inc 514-388-6333 Japanese Sashimi, Sushi,Maki
‎Pizza Madona 514-499-1082 Italian Pizza
‎restaurant Au Chaud Lapin 514-522-2379 Bistro/Café Beef Filet, Bison Ribs, Filet Mignon, Duck Confit
‎Maltese Resto-Lounge 514-388-3111 Bistro/Café
‎Escale à Saigon 514-272-3456 Vietnamese Imperial Rolls, Crispy Duck
‎Cafe Sante Veritas 514-510-7775 Bistro/Café Filet Mignon, Fish, Chicken
‎Café-Studio Ceramic 514-848-1119 Bistro/Café Sandwiches, Paninis, Salads, Bagels, Coffees
‎Ernie & Ellie's Place 514-344-0000 Kosher Steak, Seafood, Sandwiches, Breakfasts, Beef, Chinese Meals
‎Restaurant Siwar 514-748-5800 Mediterrean Duck, Fish, Lamb, Steak, Filet Mignon
‎El Gitano 514-843-8212 Spanish & Portugese Rabbit, Lobster, Lamb
‎Restaurant La Porte D'Asie Lg 450-674-3159 Vietnamese Tonkinoise Soups
‎McGill Pizza 514-287-3555 Italian
‎Restaurant La Piazzetta 514-278-6465 Italian Pizza, Veal, Lamb, Chicken
‎Le Glacier Bilboquet 514-276-0414 Dessert Ice Creams, Sorbets
‎L'Inconnu 514-527-0880 French Rabbitt, Veal, Duck
‎Resto-Bar Place Des Saules 450-662-3025 Bar Cuisine Steak, Veal, Salmon
‎Thai Grill 514-270-5566 Thai Thai Chicken, Pad Thai
‎Allo Inde 514-288-7878 South and Central Asian Curry Beef, Chicken, Lamb
‎Restaurant Le Pegase 514-522-0487 French Ostritch, Lamb, Deer, Pork Fillet, Duck Breast, Filet Mignon
‎Crudessence 514-510-9299 Vegetarian Lasagna, Smoothies
‎Restaurant Casa Vertoudos 514-331-2233 Italian Pasta
‎Restaurant Arahova 514-252-7111 Greek Souvlaki, Chicken, Beef, Lamb
‎Lumama Sushi Restaurant 514-582-2222 Japanese Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Teriyaki Dishes
‎Restaurant Aux Sept Bonheurs 514-727-2895 Chinese Traditional Chinese Foods
‎Restaurant Da Emma 514-392-1568 Italian Agnolotti, Medaglioni, Ravioli, Fettuccini, Osso Buco, Fish
‎Kojax Souflaki 514-693-8889 Greek Falafel, Yeros, Souflaki, Pork & Chicken Brochettes
‎Tokebi Restaurant 514-866-4320 Korean Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Les trois petits Bouchons 514-285-4444 French Deer, Lamb, Duck
‎Restaurant Adonai 514-326-8880 Cajun/Creole
‎Le Jurançon 514-274-0139 French Rack of Lamb, Duck with Orzo, Rillettes, Stuffed Rabbit
‎Club Social Argentino de Montréal 514-383-7722
‎Amelio's 514-845-8396 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Subs
‎Commensal 514-871-1480 Bistro/Café Pastas, Chilis, Quiches (Catering)
‎Café Bistro L'Amandier 514-272-7716 Dessert Croissants, Pastries, Cakes
‎Restaurant Le Vieux Four De Laval 450-661-7711 Italian Pizza, Pasta
‎Restaurant La Belle Province 514-383-0213 Italian Pizza
‎Pizza Roma 514-381-7000 Italian Pizza
‎Resto L'Indépendant Inc 514-523-8471 French Seafood
‎Sur Bleury Inc 514-866-6161 Bistro/Café Sandwiches, Salads
‎Firegrill 514-842-0020 Burger & Grill Steak, Ribs, Chicken, Pasta
‎Pilon Vandal Traiteurs 514-255-9775 Caterer
‎Gringo Restaurant Inc 514-354-4660 Bistro/Café Pizza, Poutine, Fries, Burgers
‎Restaurants Le Commensal (514) 871-1480 Vegetarian Vegetarian/Vegan, Vegetables, Fruits, Salads
‎Café Le Petit Flore Inc 514-387-2640 Bistro/Café
‎Restaurant Mr Ma 514-866-8000 Chinese Traditional Chinese Foods
‎Restaurant Ezo D 514-385-6777 Middle Eastern Shish Taouk, Falafel, Kebabs
‎Bistro Côté Soleil 514-282-8037 Middle Eastern Beef, Pasta, Seafood
‎La Toca Bar And Grill 514-383-0800 Bar Cuisine Pizza, Pasta
‎Restaurant Le Pier Gabriel 514-396-4673 French Pasta, Fish, Steak, Lamb
‎Restaurant Pasta Bar 514-389-3888 Italian Pasta,
‎Gaudriole (La) 514-276-1580 French/Vegetarian Rabbitt, Shrimp, Duck, Lamb Sweetbreads, Vegetarian
‎Mesa 14 514-284-0344 Carribean, Latin and South American Burritos, Enchiladas, Fajitas
‎Restaurant La Paryse (514) 842-2040 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Tofu Burgers
‎Restaurant Julien 514-871-1581 French Steak, Pasta, Lobster,
‎Restaurant LOMBARDI 514-844-9419 Italian Pasta, Seafood, Veal
‎Wok 514-938-1882 Chinese Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Pork
‎Restaurant De La Main 514-843-8126 Steakhouse Sirloin Steak, Liver, Sausages, Smoked Meat Sandwiches
‎McLeans Pub 514-392-7770 Bar Cuisine Pasta, Seafood, Grills, Pizza
‎Restaurant Paris (Le) 514-937-4898 French Steak, Fish
‎Messob d'or 514-488-8620 African Stews, Chicken, Beef
‎Bronte 514-933-8111 Mediterranean Pasta, Chicken, Steaks, Seafood
‎Chez Cora 514-285-2672 Breakfast Crepes, Omelettes, French Toast, Waffles
‎Le Jardin du Ritz (Ritz Carlton Hotel) 514-842-4212 Bistro/Café
‎Sakura 514-288-9122 Japanese Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi
‎Restaurant L'Evidance 514-847-2267 French Lamb Shanks, Filet Mignon, Chicken, Pasta
‎Kilo Restaurant 514-596-3933 Dessert Cakes, Sandwiches, Pastries, Candies
‎Restaurant Le Manhattan 514-866-1303 French Lamb, Scampi
‎Aldo Pizza 514-323-8323 Italian Pizza, Deli
‎Pizza Hut 514-310-1010 Italian Pizza, Pasta
‎Van Houtte Inc 514-849-0978 Coffee House Coffee, Flavored Coffee, Pastries, Salads, Sandwiches

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