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Welcome to Montreal Restaurants

A comprehensive list and directory of restaurants in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal restaurants are some of Canada's best restaurants and feature world renown chefs. There are many fine Montreal restaurants, bars and lounges and fine dining options with all the flavors of the world. Some of these cuisine options include; Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian, Mexican, Korean and of course French Canadian specialties. With any budget you are sure to find a suitable dining experience that will be sure to delight your palette.

A great location for restaurant dining is Old Montréal which contains the majority of historical buildings, most dating from the 17th - 19th century. You will also want to visit Le Plateau which combines scenic residential streets with hip shopping and dining. There are of course many great areas to experience wonderful dining so be adventurous and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Restaurant Phone Cuisine Specialty
‎Le Muscadin 514-842-0588 Italian Chicken, Pasta, Veal, Filet Mignon, Steaks,
‎Restaurant Gourmet Grec 514-849-1335 Mediterranean Pasta, Veal, Chicken
‎Jonas Restaurant 514-270-3314 Italian Pizza
‎La Taqueria Mexicaine 514-982-9462 Mexican Burritos, Enchaladas,Fajitas, Steak, Ribs
‎Restaurant Mike's des Grandes Prairies 514-324-3031 Italian Pizza, Pasta
‎La Maistre 514-481-2109 French Duck, Pork, Veal
‎Restaurant Ammos Inc 450-688-8008 Mediterranean Lobster, Shrimp, Chicken, Lamb, Staek, Filet Mignon
‎Hwang Kum 514-487-1712 Korean Chicken Teriyaki, Kimchi
‎Asha 514-844-3178 South and Central Asian Curry Beef, Chicken, Lamb
‎Crêperie Chez Suzette 514-874-1984 Dessert Crepes
‎Cucina 514-495-1131 Italian Pizza, Calzone, Pate'
‎Restaurant Da Lillo 514-276-1888 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Steak, Chicken, Filet Mignon
‎Restaurant Delitheque Rosemont 514-723-4567 Deli
‎L'Inconnu 514-527-0880 French Rabbitt, Veal, Duck
‎Restaurant Cabotins 514-251-8817 French Fish, Meats, Vegetarian
‎Bistro Lajeunesse Inc 514-388-1422
‎Au 917 514-524-0094 French Duck, Lamb, Liver
‎Maison Thai 514-843-9001 Thai Noodles, Chicken, Pork
‎Roselina 514-842-2530 Italian Pasta, Seafood, Beef
‎Restaurant Philippe 514-528-5957 Burger & Grill Burgers, Poutine
‎La Raclette 514-524-8118 Swiss & Belgian Fondues, Raclettes, Veal, Salmon
‎Restaurant Bâton Rouge 450-681-9902 Burger & Grill Ribs, Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches, Steak
‎Restaurant Mistinguette 514-381-2669 Bistro/Café Crêpes, Breakfast, Hamburger, Mussels, Pizza, Fresh Fish, Pasta
‎Café Vasco Da Gama 514-272-2688 Italian Breakfasts, Paninis, Tapas, Sandwiches
‎Restaurant Juni Inc 514-276-5864 Japanese Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Chez Lien 514-678-1788 Vietnamese Sushi, Chicken, Shrimp, Pad Thai
‎Suco Lounge 866-744-6346 Resto Lounge Tapas
‎Restaurant Japonais Bishoku 514-876-0056 Japanese Sushi, Teriyaki, Tempura
‎Restaurant Subway 514-907-7007 Sandwich Subs
‎Café Via Dante 514-270-8446 Italian Pasta, Rabbit, Veal
‎Aux Vivres (514) 842-3479 Vegetarian Organic Vegetables, Organic Grains, Organic Tofu, Organic Tempeh
‎Restaurant L'Actuel Inc 514-866-1537 Belgian Sweetbread Forrestière, Fish, Veal, Scallops, Steak Tartar, Grilled Meats, Belgian Mussels, Gray Shrimp,
‎Rotisserie Portugalia 514-282-1519 Spanish & Portugese BBQ Chicken, Pork
‎Restaurant La Patate Dorée 514-336-3500
‎mcdonald's Restaurant 514-331-3177 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Breakfasts
‎Restaurant Place Tevere 514-871-1316 Italian Pasta, Pizza, Subs
‎Restaurant Bâton Rouge 514-931-9969 Steakhouse Steak, Ribs, Seafood
‎Café Bistro L'Amandier 514-272-7716 Dessert Croissants, Pastries, Cakes
‎Restaurants mcdonald's 514-278-1088 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Breakfasts
‎Sushi Express 514-523-5555 Japanese Sushi
‎Restaurant Ngon 514-723-6466 Vietnamese
‎Restaurants Nickels 514-259-6937 Bar Cuisine BBQ Chicken, Grilled Meats, Seafood, Pastas
‎Palais de l'Inde 514-270-7402 South and Central Asian Curries, Tandooris, Biriyanis
‎Pizza Roma 514-381-7000 Italian Pizza
‎Restaurant 5000ans 514-845-8902 Korean/Vegetarian BBQ, Seafood, Kimchi, Chicken, Tenderloin, Vegetable Dishes
‎Restaurant Le Pegase 514-522-0487 French Ostritch, Lamb, Deer, Pork Fillet, Duck Breast, Filet Mignon
‎Restaurant Fourchette Express 514-345-0555 Middle Eastern Vegetarian, Paninis, Sandwiches, Chicken
‎MBCo (Montreal Bread Company) 514-284-0404 Bistro/Café Sandwiches, Muffins, Bagels
‎Restaurant Chez Magnani 514-387-5959 Italian Pasta, Veal
‎Opus II 514-985-6252 French Veal, Vegetable Dishes
‎Restaurant Mikasa Express 514-907-3012 Japanese Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Pagnelli's Bistro 514-934-1512 Dessert Breads, Pastries
‎Ryad (Le) 514-381-7939 African Beef, Meats, Lamb, Chicken
‎Rotisserie Panama 514-276-5223 Greek Souvlaki, Lamb, Chicken, Veal, Pork, Steak
‎Restaurant Le Bordelais 514-337-3540 Steakhouse Steaks, Seafood
‎Aurora Brasserie 514-253-2668 Bar Cuisine Burgers, Pizza
‎Real Bagel 514-846-3773 Bistro/Café Bagels, Sandwiches, Paninis
‎Restaurant Amir 514-738-319 Mediterranean Pita, Couscous, Falafel, Vegetarian, Buffet
‎Premier Moisson 514-931-6540 Dessert Pastries, Deli Meats
‎Restaurant Nhu Y 514-948-8884 Vietnamese Soups, Grilled Meats, Vegetables, Sweet & Sour Catfish Soup
‎China City Restaurant 514-722-5858 Chinese Traditional Chinese Menu
‎restaurant Au Chaud Lapin 514-522-2379 Bistro/Café Beef Filet, Bison Ribs, Filet Mignon, Duck Confit
‎Suite 701 514-904-1201 Bar Cuisine Tortillas, Sandwiches, Burgers
‎Ristorante Luce 514-858-5823 Italian Pasta, Seafood
‎Restaurant El Pintxo Inc 514-844-0222 Spanish & Portugese Fish, Pork, Beef, Duck, lamb
‎Pizzedelic 514-845-0404 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Burgers
‎Restaurant Douro 514-273-6969 Spanish & Portugese Fish, Grill, Lamb, Meat, Seafood, Shrimps, Tapas
‎Casa Greque 514-842-6098 Greek Souvlaki, Steak, Pasta
‎Bato Thai 514-524-6705 Thai Chicken (Traditional Thai Food)
‎Cucina Casalinga 514-388-3737 Italian Pasta
‎Pizza Madona 514-499-1082 Italian Pizza
‎Mister Steerburger 514-866-3233 Burger & Grill Burgers, Grilled Chicken
‎Boris Bistro 514-848-9575 Bistro/Café Fish, Roast Beef, Steak, Rabbitt, Grilled Vegetables,
‎Restaurant Crêpe Lune 514-381-5428 Bistro/Café Crepes, Seafood, Steak
‎Restaurant Chez Lidia 514-723-7772 Bar Cuisine
‎Patisserie Belge 514-845-1245 Dessert Pastries, Chocolate, Smoked Ham, Smoked Salmon
‎Chuch 514-843-4194 Thai Curry, Pad Thai (Thai Vegetarian)
‎Restaurant O Cantinho 514-729-9494 Spanish/Portugese Grilled Meats, Grilled Chicken, Seafood
‎The Keg Steakhouse & Bar 514-868-1999 Steakhouse Steaks, Seafood
‎Wendy's Restaurants Du Canada Inc (Les) 514-481-4060 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Breakfast
‎Lumama Sushi Restaurant 514-582-2222 Japanese Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Teriyaki Dishes
‎Le 116 / Restaurant Graziella 514-876-0116 Italian Pizza, Pasta
‎Biftheque (Le) 514-658-5880 Steakhouse Steak, Seafood, Lamb, Pastas, Burgers
‎Restaurant Le Chandelier 514-748-0020 Mediterranean Pita, Couscous, Falafel, Vegetarian, Buffet
‎Access Asia 514-842-5381 Thai Noodles, Soup, Sushi, Duck
‎Restaurant L'Ambroisie 514-932-0641 French Pasta, Duck, Veal, Steak
‎Filoti Pizzeria 514-381-8176 Italian Pizza
‎Trattoria Al Dente 514-486-4343 Italian Pasta, Fish, Pizza
‎Salle de Réception Amiens 514-326-3010 Mediterranean Fish, Seafood, Steak, Lamb
‎La Paryse 514-842-2040 Burger & Grill Chicken, Steak, Pork
‎Sushito 514-727-2764 Japanese Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Boulangerie Au Pain Doré Ltée 514-528-8877 Dessert Breads, Pastries
‎Kilo Restaurant 514-596-3933 Dessert Cakes, Sandwiches, Pastries, Candies
‎L'Orchidee Chine 514-287-1878 Chinese Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp
‎Le Restaurant Aux Récifs Du Cap 514-322-2000
‎Gestion F Awad Restaurant Kabab 514-332-3029 Middle Eastern Tabouleh, Fattouch, Couscous, Chicken, Beef & Lamb
‎Java U (aka "New Bistro") 514-482-7077 Bistro/Café Paninis, Wraps, Soups
‎Restaurant La Chronique (514) 271-3095 French Ravioli Laced with Beef Tail, Côte-Nord, Turbot, Braised Lamb, Grilled Ribs
‎Restaurant Lefino 514-955-3525
‎Koko Restaurant + Bar 514-657-5656 Bar Cuisine Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Steak, Seafood

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