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Welcome to Montreal Restaurants

A comprehensive list and directory of restaurants in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal restaurants are some of Canada's best restaurants and feature world renown chefs. There are many fine Montreal restaurants, bars and lounges and fine dining options with all the flavors of the world. Some of these cuisine options include; Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian, Mexican, Korean and of course French Canadian specialties. With any budget you are sure to find a suitable dining experience that will be sure to delight your palette.

A great location for restaurant dining is Old Montréal which contains the majority of historical buildings, most dating from the 17th - 19th century. You will also want to visit Le Plateau which combines scenic residential streets with hip shopping and dining. There are of course many great areas to experience wonderful dining so be adventurous and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Restaurant Phone Cuisine Specialty
‎Blue Nile 514-285-4628 African Vegetarian and Meat Dishes
‎Jugo Juice 514-849-1313 Dessert Smoothies, Fruit Drinks, Wraps, Flatbreads
‎Café Bar Terrasse Le Saint-Sulpice 514-844-9458 Bistro/Café Sandwices, Burgers, Pizza, Fries
‎Daou 514-276-8310 Middle Eastern Beef Hummus, Kebabs
‎Restaurant Cabotins 514-251-8817 French Fish, Meats, Vegetarian
‎Rôtisserie St-Hubert 514-325-1676 Burger & Grill Chicken, Ribs, Steak
‎Kalalu Fusion Caraïbes 514-849-7787 Carribean, Latin & South American Salmon, Conch Meat, Jerk Chicken, Goat
‎Restaurant L'Evidance 514-847-2267 French Lamb Shanks, Filet Mignon, Chicken, Pasta
‎Deli Miami 514-525-0600 Bistro/Café Deli Meats, Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches
‎Gourmet (Le) 514-274-6969
‎Sosua 514-271-6622 Carribean, Latin and South American Seafood, Meat, Volaille
‎Hwang Kum 514-487-1712 Korean Chicken Teriyaki, Kimchi
‎Chez Nick 514-935-0946 Bistro/Café Breakfasts, Burgers, Sandwiches
‎Restaurant Nouilles Depot 514-736-0788 Vietnamese Noodle Soups, Stir Frys
‎Restaurant Chez Ma Tante 514-766-0036 Burger & Grill Poutine, Fries
‎Takyto Sushi 514-721-8668 Japanese Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, Tempura, Soba
‎Les 3 Brasseurs Resto Microbrasserie 514-788-6333 Bistro/Café Fish, Breakfasts, Crepes
‎Restaurant Le Staff Village 514-522-7175
‎Restaurant Volte 514-271-1777 Italian Pizza, Pasta
‎Bistro Bar Le Terminus 514-382-3337 Bar Cuisine
‎Mediterraneo Restaurant 514-844-0027 Bar Cuisine Sashimi, Pasta, Chicken, Ribs, Steak
‎Café Des Eclusiers 514-276-1580 Bistro/Café Tapas, Snack Bar
‎Restaurant Roberto 514-374-9844 Italian Pasta, Pizza, Veal, Steak
‎Double Pizza 514-343-0343 Italian Pizza, Chicken, Subs, Burgers
‎La Taqueria Mexicaine 514-982-9462 Mexican Burritos, Enchaladas,Fajitas, Steak, Ribs
‎Restaurant Alpenhaus Inc 514-935-2285 Swiss & Belgian Wienerschnitzel, Rack of Lamb, Rib Steak, Fondues
‎Restaurants mcdonald's 514-525-1220 Burger & Grill Burgers, Sandwiches, Fries, Breakfast
‎Club (Le) Chasse Et Pêche Restaurant (514) 861-1112 French Kobe Beef, Duck, Wild Game
‎La Bodega 514-849-2030 Spanish & Portugese Seafood
‎Restaurant Melchorita 514-382-2129 Caribbean, Latin & South American Shrimp Soup, Fish, Fried Calamari, Meat & Seafood Dishes
‎Le Bourlingueur 514-845-3646 French Seafood, Salmon, Pork, Beef, Veal
‎Chez Gatse 514-985-2494 South and Central Asian Momos, lhassa Chicken
‎Rare Bar And Grill 514-906-0765 Bar Cuisine Ribs, Pasta, Burgers, Seafood
‎Metro, Profession Épicier 514-272-1832 Grocery
‎Patisserie de Gascogne 514-932-3511 Dessert Breads, Cakes, Chocolates, Meats, Fine Cheeses
‎Restaurant Tra Vinh Inc 514-272-9883 Vietnamese Noodle Soups
‎Wrapcity Gourmet 514-286-9727 Bistro/Café Sandwiches, Subs, Wraps, Coffee, Smoothies,
‎Restaurant Festigoût (Le) 514-332-8188 French
‎Au Coq 514-722-3591 Fast Food Chicken, Sandwiches
‎Restaurant O Cantinho 514-729-9494 Spanish/Portugese Grilled Meats, Grilled Chicken, Seafood
‎Bistro deux vin deux 514-927-1510 Bistro/Café Fish
‎Restaurant Atami 514-735-5400 Japanese Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Restaurant Chez O 514-252-8818
‎Tokebi Restaurant 514-866-4320 Korean Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Bistro a Jojo 514-843-5015 Blues Bar Alcohol
‎Tim Hortons 514-598-6143 Bistro/Café Coffee, Sandwiches, Pastries
‎Rôtisserie St-Hubert 514-844-9521 Bistro/Café Chicken, Ribs, Steak
‎Restaurant La Belle Province 514-279-9976 Italian Pizza
‎Sainte-Elisabeth (Le) 514-286-4302 Pub Variety of Beer
‎New Verdun Restaurant 514-766-2375 Chinese Chinese Food & Smoked Meat, Subs, Lasagne, Steak, Pizza
‎Restaurant Da Frank 514-765-0389 Italian Meat, Pasta, Pizza, Seafood, Shrimps, Veal
‎Bombay Mahal 514-273-3331 South and Central Asian Dosas, Kormas and Samosas
‎Milos Restaurant (514) 272-3522 Mediterranean Seafood, Fish, Lamb
‎Chez Cora 514-285-2672 Breakfast Crepes, Omelettes, French Toast, Waffles
‎Restaurant Mikado 514-279-4809 Japanese Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, Tempura, Soba
‎Restaurants Le Commensal (514) 871-1480 Vegetarian Vegetarian/Vegan, Vegetables, Fruits, Salads
‎L'Etoile de l'Ocean 514-844-4588 Spanish & Portugese Seafood, Rabbit, Veal
‎Ernie & Ellie's Place 514-344-0000 Kosher Steak, Seafood, Sandwiches, Breakfasts, Beef, Chinese Meals
‎Le Prince Arthur 514-849-2454 Greek Souvlaki, Moussaka, Pikilia
‎Casa Greque 514-842-6098 Greek Souvlaki, Steak, Pasta
‎Le Caveau 514-844-1624 French Steak, Salmon, Duck, Pork
‎Restaurant Moishe's Steak House (514) 845-3509 Steakhouse Steak, Lamb, Pork
‎Le Coin d'Asie 514-482-4035 Vietnamese Tonkinoise Soups
‎Welat Pizza 514-383-0383 Italian Pizza
‎Version Laurent Godbout 514-871-9135 Mediterranean Fish, Beef, Veal, Venison
‎Milos 514-272-3522 Greek Red Mullet, Octopus, Fresh Sardines, Calamari
‎Amelio's 514-845-8396 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Subs
‎Harvey's Restaurants 514-326-1580 Burger & Grill Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Fries
‎Restaurants Burger King du Canada Inc 514-340-1378 Burger & Grill Breakfasts, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fries
‎Tutti Frutti 514-934-0054 Breakfast Fajitas, Burritos, Breakfast, Burgers, Smoked Meat
‎Restaurant A La Decouverte 514-529-8377 French Wild Game, Lamb, Veal
‎Brûlerie St Denis 514-287-7878 Bistro/Café Coffee
‎Restaurant David Tienda 514-374-3666
‎Restaurant La Porte 514-282-4996 French Veal, Lamb, Squab,
‎Pizza Nino 514-762-1515 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Fish
‎Restaurant Le Manhattan 514-866-1303 French Lamb, Scampi
‎Bistro Côté Soleil 514-282-8037 Middle Eastern Beef, Pasta, Seafood
‎Restaurant Globe (514) 284-3823 Mediterranean Seafood, Lamb, Veal, Fish
‎Resto L'Appartement 514-866-6606 Bar Cuisine Steak, Ribs, Fish, Burgers, Pizza, Pasta
‎Café Passeport 514-956-7676 Bistro/Café
‎Restaurant Pho Tuan 514-376-7164 Vietnamese Grilled Chicken, Pho-Noodle Soup, Lemon Grass Pork Chop,
‎Taj Restaurant (514) 845-9015 Indian Veal Cutlets, Samosas, Basmati Rice and Chicken, Vegetarian Selections
‎Villa du Souvlaki 514-489-2039 Greek Souvlaki, Lamb, Chicken
‎Détour Bistro 514-728-3107 French Pork Loin, Tilapia Fillet, Bbison Bavette
‎Continental Bistro 514-845-6842 Bistro/Café Duck, Salmon
‎Genuine 514-738-3881 South and Central Asian
‎La Banquise Resto 514-525-2415 Bistro/Café Breakfast, Poutine, Hot Dogs
‎Restaurant Le Tire-Bouchon Bistro Parisien 450-681-1228 French Steak, Veal, Lamb, Chicken
‎Restaurant La Gargote 514-727-2764 Bistro/Café Filet Mignon, Deer, Lamb, Pasta
‎Restaurant Mikado Monkland 514-369-3659 Japanese Nigiri, Maki, Sushi, Sashimi
‎Buffet Kim Kwok 514-333-4182 Chinese Traditional Chinese Menu, Buffet
‎Station F 514-504-9321 French Lamb, Mussels, Beef Bourguignon, Duck Thigh Confit
‎Pagliacci's 514-289-0904 Dessert
‎Ristorante Primo & Secondo 514-908-0838 Italian Pasta, Veal, Fish, Risotto
‎Café Souvenir Inc 514-948-5259 Breakfast Breakfasts
‎Dong Que 514-395-0529 Vietnamese Tonkinoise Soups, Beef, Chicken
‎Cafe Cherrier 514-843-4308 French Steak, Duck, Crepes
‎Restaurant Mochica 514-284-4448 Caribbean, Latin & South American Seafood, Llama Steaks, Goat Stew
‎Restaurant Arahova 514-252-7111 Greek Souvlaki, Chicken, Beef, Lamb
‎Restaurant La Belle Province 514-323-4849 Burger & Grill Hot Dogs

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