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Welcome to Montreal Restaurants

A comprehensive list and directory of restaurants in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal restaurants are some of Canada's best restaurants and feature world renown chefs. There are many fine Montreal restaurants, bars and lounges and fine dining options with all the flavors of the world. Some of these cuisine options include; Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian, Mexican, Korean and of course French Canadian specialties. With any budget you are sure to find a suitable dining experience that will be sure to delight your palette.

A great location for restaurant dining is Old Montréal which contains the majority of historical buildings, most dating from the 17th - 19th century. You will also want to visit Le Plateau which combines scenic residential streets with hip shopping and dining. There are of course many great areas to experience wonderful dining so be adventurous and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Restaurant Phone Cuisine Specialty
‎Bonaparte Restaurant (514) 844-4368 French Seafood, Beef, Pasta
‎Le Pistou 514-528-7242 French Steak, Liver, Pasta
‎L'Angora Restaurant 514-383-2111
‎Al Taib 514-931-1999 Italian Pizza
‎Dobe & Andy 514-861-9958 Chinese Steak
‎Restaurant Les Infidèles 514-528-8555 French Caribou, Duck, Lamb, Seafood, Octopus, Frog Legs
‎Prêt à Manger 514-931-8889 Chinese Soups, Chow Meins, Seafood, Meats
‎Premier Moisson 514-931-6540 Bistro/Café Sandwiches, Salads
‎Beurre Noisette 514-596-2205 French Beef, Duck, Crème brûlée, Foie gras, Seafood, Lobster
‎Restaurant Da Lillo 514-276-1888 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Steak, Chicken, Filet Mignon
‎Pizzellicoq Restaurant 514-495-0111 Italian Pizza, Chicken
‎La Louisiane 514-369-3073 Bistro/Café Jambalya, Shrimp, Chicken
‎Restaurant Karoun 450-682-6820 Middle Eastern Shaved Beef, Lamb, Chicken Sandwiches
‎Buffet Chinois Fu Lam 450-682-6668 Chinese Traditional Chinese Meals, Fried Rice, General Tao Chicken
‎Fung Shing Restaurant 514-866-0469 Chinese Traditional Chinese Foods
‎Pilon Vandal Traiteurs 514-255-9775 Caterer
‎mcdonald's Restaurants 514-341-6137 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Breakfasts
‎Le Lutetia Restaurant 514-281-5340 French Beef, Duck, Ostritch, Breakfast
‎Pizzaiolle (La) 514-282-5757 Italian Pizza
‎Hilton Garden Inn Centre-Ville Montreal 514-840-0010 Bistro/Café Filet Mignon, Tapas-Style Gnocchi, Seafood Fricassé.
‎Van Houtte Inc 514-844-6417 Bistro/Café Coffee,Pastries, Sandwiches
‎Restaurant La Casbah 514-861-1957 African Morrocan Couscous, Sausage, Lamb, Chicken
‎Buffet Les Folies de Sophie Inc 450-629-4591 Buffet Various Offerings
‎BU Restaurant Bar à Vin (514) 276-0249 Italian Pastas, Veal, Tuna
‎Allo Inde 514-288-7878 South and Central Asian Curry Beef, Chicken, Lamb
‎La Gargote 514-844-1428 French Filet Mignon, Lamb, Shrimp, Pasta
‎Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain 514-878-9000 Mediterranean Salmon, Rack of Lamb, Tuna, Filet Mignon
‎Sky Pub Club 514-529-6969 Bar Cuisine BBQ, Burgers, Chicken
‎Resto Lychee 514-844-3882 Chinese Traditional Chinese Menu
‎Resto Burgers & Benedicts 514-228-5210 Burger & Grill Breakfasts, Burgers, Steaks, Vegetarian
‎Giorgio Restaurant 450-688-6371 Italian Pasta, Pizza, Steak
‎Pizza Madona 514-499-1082 Italian Pizza
‎Le Figaro (shared location with La Croissanterie) 514-278-6567 Bistro/Café Breakfasts, Salads, Sandwiches
‎14 Prince Arthur 514-842-3512 Vietnamese Tonkinoise Soups, Beef, Chicken, Duck
‎Restaurant Le Mas Des Oliviers 514-861-6733 French Duck, Veal, Lamb, Steak, Rabbitt
‎Beijing 514-861-2003 Chinese Beef, Duck, Chicken, Seafood
‎Pacini Restaurant 514-842-9139 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, Steak
‎Québec Delicatessen Inc 514-273-2833 Deli Pizza, Deli Foods
‎Restaurant Delitheque Rosemont 514-723-4567 Deli
‎Restaurant Place Tevere 514-871-1316 Italian Pasta, Pizza, Subs
‎Rockaberry's 514-481-0092 Dessert Desserts, Sandwiches, Pizza
‎Nouveau Jamaica Way 514-343-5375 Carribean, Latin and South American
‎Ming-Do 514-866-1668 Chinese Beef, Fish, Liver Congee
‎Restaurant La Petite Ardoise 514-495-4961 Bistro/Café Beef, Lamb, Fish, Duck, Sandwiches, Breakfasts
‎Cucina Casalinga 514-388-3737 Italian Pasta
‎Pagnelli's Bistro 514-934-1512 Dessert Breads, Pastries
‎Pizzéria Casa Nova 514-273-2383 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Scallopini, Chicken
‎L'entrecote Saint Jean 514-281-6492 French Steak, French Fries
‎Le Jurançon 514-274-0139 French Rack of Lamb, Duck with Orzo, Rillettes, Stuffed Rabbit
‎La Sirene de la Mer 514-345-0345 Middle Eastern Seafood, Chicken, Lamb Kebabs
‎Aldo Pizza 514-323-8323 Italian Pizza, Deli
‎Lanni Restaurant 514-527-8313 Italian Chicken, Seafood, Pasta, Steak
‎Ristorante Primo & Secondo 514-908-0838 Italian Pasta, Veal, Fish, Risotto
‎Bouddha Bouddha 514-287-9957 Thai Seafood, Chicken, Dumplings
‎Restaurant La Paryse (514) 842-2040 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Tofu Burgers
‎Kojax Souflaki 514-844-1644 Greek Souvlaki, Lamb, Chicken, Veal, Pork, Steak
‎Sho-Dan 514-987-9967 Japanese Sushi
‎Gaudriole (La) 514-276-1580 French/Vegetarian Rabbitt, Shrimp, Duck, Lamb Sweetbreads, Vegetarian
‎Détour Bistro 514-728-3107 French Pork Loin, Tilapia Fillet, Bbison Bavette
‎La Banquise Resto 514-525-2415 Bistro/Café Breakfast, Poutine, Hot Dogs
‎Au Coq 514-722-3591 Fast Food Chicken, Sandwiches
‎Modavie 514-287-9486 Italian Pasta, Seafood, Chicken, Beef
‎Ristorante Primadonna 514-282-6644 Italian Lamb, Venison, Sushi, Sashimi, Maki
‎Caffe' Della Posta 514-495-8258 French Veal, Beef, Pasta
‎Restaurant La Molisana Inc 514-382-7100 Italian Pastas, Veal, Seafood, Pizza
‎Casa Greque 514-842-6098 Greek Souvlaki, Steak, Pasta
‎Bistro L'entrepont 514-845-1369 French Steak, Salmon, Seafood
‎Restaurants Le Commensal (514) 871-1480 Vegetarian Vegetarian/Vegan, Vegetables, Fruits, Salads
‎Restaurant Chao Phraya (514) 272-5339 Thai Grilled Prawns, Spicy Chicken, Lemongrass Soup, Crab Claws, Beef Green Curry, Duck with Spinach
‎Rare Bar And Grill 514-906-0765 Bar Cuisine Ribs, Pasta, Burgers, Seafood
‎Madisons 514-351-1221 Steakhouse Steaks, Ribs, Seafood, Pasta
‎New Verdun Restaurant 514-766-2375 Chinese Chinese Food & Smoked Meat, Subs, Lasagne, Steak, Pizza
‎Le cafe-creme 514-277-4554 Bistro/Café Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches
‎Les 3 Brasseurs Resto Microbrasserie 514-388-1550 Bar Cuisine Flamms(Pizza), Burgers, Sandwiches, Wraps
‎Restaurant Tai Nature 514-868-0666 Thai/Vietnamese Noodle Soups
‎Thai son 514-948-1930 Thai
‎Restaurant La Belle Province 514-383-0213 Italian Pizza
‎Restaurant Douro 514-273-6969 Spanish & Portugese Fish, Grill, Lamb, Meat, Seafood, Shrimps, Tapas
‎mcdonald's Restaurant 514-331-3177 Burger & Grill Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Breakfasts
‎BENELUX - Brasserie artisanale et café 514-543-9750 Bistro/Café Coffee, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Micro Brewery
‎Restaurant Sushi Horizon 450-665-9969 Japanese Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Restaurant O Chalet 514-527-7070 French Tuna, Salmon, Suckling Pig
‎Restaurant Lyla 514-272-8332 Vietnamese Soups, Chicken, Beef, Pork
‎Tim Hortons 514-521-2646 Sandwich Coffee, Donuts, Sanwiches
‎Arahova Souvlaki Restaurants 514-485-7828 Italian Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Souvlaki
‎Pizza Nino 514-762-1515 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Fish
‎Salle de Réception Amiens 514-326-3010 Mediterranean Fish, Seafood, Steak, Lamb
‎Elounda 514-331-4040 Greek Fish, Seafood, Grilled Meats
‎Meat Market 514-223-2292 Bistro/Café Brochettes, Chicken, Beef, Pork
‎Rockaberry's 514-844-9479 Dessert Desserts, Sandwiches, Pizza
‎Restaurant Macao 514-223-6411 French Tapas, Cornish Hen, Smoked Salmon, Duck,
‎Restaurant Corvette Express 514-270-9996 Italian Pizza, Pasta, Steak, Chicken Sandwiches, Fish
‎Reubens 514-866-1029 Breakfast Steaks, Burgers
‎Restaurant Tomodachi 514-759-8582 Japanese Nigiri, Maki, Sushi, Sashimi
‎Milos Restaurant (514) 272-3522 Mediterranean Seafood, Fish, Lamb
‎Sushito 514-727-2764 Japanese Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi
‎Cage Aux Sports (La) 514-324-2243 Burger & Grill Steak, Burgers, Fish, Ribs
‎Restaurant Mikado 514-279-4809 Japanese Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, Tempura, Soba
‎Restaurant Basilic 514-875-1388 Chinese Pad Thai, Curry, Vegetarian, Traditional Chinese Meals
‎Jardins Le Pavillon 514-731-7821 Bistro/Café Steaks, Pasta, Seafood, Chicken, Lamb, Sandwiches, Burgers, Paninis,

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